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Goth Child | Houston Photographer

Goth Photography

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27 comments to Goth Child | Houston Photographer

  • Jessica  says:

    So amazing! You have truly created a brand for yourself. Your work is so recognizable. You are an ARTIST!

  • Danielle  says:

    LOVE!!! Love love love!!!!

  • Krista Campbell Photography  says:

    LOVE the dramatic images!

  • Raven  says:

    Who knew that ‘dark’ could be SO ADORABLE! Awesome work!!

  • Angela G.  says:

    Your style is so distinctive. I esp. like #2 with the lines behind the little bear..

  • Jennifer  says:

    STUNNING as always! :)

  • Billie  says:

    That is the cutest kid Ive ever seen!!

  • Patti Margarita  says:

    Love your style. Just so rich and yummy! Great work!

  • Holly  says:

    I just love your work. So different, and so awesome!

  • amy  says:

    ahh– love it! love the second one especially– the heart is the perfect touch!

  • Kelly  says:

    Your style is so interesting. I always love looking at your blog.

  • Sarah  says:

    Gorgeous baby! So rich and moody. I love these!

  • Ellen  says:

    What an adorable child!

  • Jessica  says:

    Great work! I can’t stop looking at that second one!

  • Melissa Klein  says:

    Scariest little teddy bear I’ve ever seen – I LOVE it!

  • Lora Swinson  says:

    Oh my goodness, he is adorable!!!!

  • Kerri  says:

    Always love your work, Brittany! What a cutie :).

  • Tanzyn  says:

    Awwww LOVE the last photo! Cool blog too:)

  • Sandy  says:

    Love these, your work is beautiful and full of creativity! What an adorable little guy!

  • Katie W  says:

    So great Brittany!

  • Kim  says:

    These are great! I want to come to Texas so you can photograph my kids:).

  • Robin  says:

    Precious, I love the one of her in costume!

  • Carrie  says:

    Love the bear!!

  • Monica  says:

    Such a distinct style. Way to stay true to yourself.

  • Michele  says:

    Wow, stunning! These are just amazing!

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  • Hazzy  says:

    Where do you get all your out fits? I loooooove your work! Where did you get that teddy bear I want to put coll stuff like that in my nursery!!!

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